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Transforming Industries with Cutting-edge Solutions and Unmatched Expertise

A trailblazing UAV-based startup that has been revolutionizing the field of aerials and robotics since 2017. With a relentless passion for innovation and a commitment to indigenous development, we are proud to be at the forefront of "Make in India" solutions.

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Lightweight. Portable. High-resolution.

We encourage the team to grow boundlessly and explore new dimensions in their professional and personal lives We wholeheartedly believe in a “win-win” culture between our customers and the company.


To become Bharath’s leading and reliable eco- system for aerial and robotic solutions.


To provide safe, feasible, and solution-centric services by:

  • Providing employment opportunities by training and empowering the youth in drone- based solutions.
  • Digitalising conventional systems through economical drone-based services.
  • Indigenous development of UAV products to achieve Atmanirbhar Bharath.
Meet Our Team

When you need to innovate, you need collaboration.

team member
Midhun Jyothis


team member
Pratham KB

Technical Officer

team member
Mohammed Zain

Machine Intelligence Officer

team member
Sudhin Jyothis

IT Officer

team member
Sharun Joseph

Outreach Officer and Admin

team member
Jameela Suhaila

Technical Manager

team member
Sathvi PR

Finance Officer

team member
Pranamya A Y

Operations Manager

Meet Our Mentors

When you need to innovate, you need collaboration.

team member
Ananth Ravi

Business Advisor

Senior Vice President and Sponsor, Reliance Industries

team member
Preetham Hegde

Business Advisor

Policy Advisor to Office of the Mayor, City of New York

team member
Jhonson Tellis

Strategy Advisor

Advisory Panel Member, Beyond Bengaluru – KDEM

team member
Mohammad Anwar Manjanoor

Advisor Drones and Sensors

Electrical Drone Engineer, Near Earth Autonomy, USA


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