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We understand your dreams , we make it happen .

We provide aerial solutions for industrial, environmental and agricultural sectors. The products are custom designed and tested in all possible conditions. We started this venture in order to make our innovative ideas to products and the knowledge into services. We have worked on these ideas since 2013 from the beginning of our engineering days. We have the spirit to go beyond the bounds of possibilities, as well as give opportunities to young enthusiasts. This start up is the first step towards our vision.


To elevate nations aerospace and consumer industry by developing new space technologies.


A platform for aero designers to develop and test their designs.

Introduce and educate aeromodeling to young minds.

To develop assistive systems for space and technology.

Discover Flotanomers

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We deliver High Quality Services

Great services & best support

We deliver the service which satisfies clients in every way .We understand your dreams and make it happen . Floatnomers combines industrial experts with tech genius to create business. we value your time hence deliver services on time . 24*7 customer assistance available for any concern.

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Geroch is an RC plane for beginner flyers with enhanced structural rigidity, increased stability which is simple to assemble and easily rebuildable.


Cruise copter is a hybrid drone for surveying which fetches high flight time with optimum payload carrying capacity.

Arecanut Sprayer

A product for spraying pesticides monitoring the trees,this sprayers mitigates lot of problems of farmer including paying high labour cost.

Training Programs


An Aeromodelling Workshop

Aero modelling training is offered to PU and Engineering students about basics of aero designing, Software analysis and model making


A multicopter workshop

Multi copter training consists of designing a multi copter, various component study, assembly of multi copter and flying of multi copter which is offered to PU and Engineering students

Child Engineer

A Complete Junior Engineer

Child Engineer in simple words is about career guidance with practical application of basic physics concept and head start to various engineering fields to school and PU students. Every kid who wants to be an engineer can take up this course.

RC Planes
Quad Copter
RC Flying

Public Reach

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Invenzine is an E-magazine consisting of trending articles related to innovations and technology.It includes articles from Challengers club,Challengers Sahyadri and Flotanomers.The articles from resouce People will also be included.The magazine will be sent to subscriber Every Month.For more details visit:

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Challengers Club

Challengers club is formed to make a generation with scientific interest and knowledge. Since aero design and space includes all the streams of engineering, Every individual will fit in to this.The students involved in this club activities will study the very basics of the aeromodelling and aerospace which is the future of the world. The Basic knowledge will give the students interest and advantage in getting to elite aerospace companies thus setting up a good career in future.For more details visit:

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Aerophilia is the annual national level aero modelling event organised by the challenger’s members. The highlights of this event are international airshow,Renowned speakers from air force,ISRO,BARC,NASA and participants from IIT’S and Nit’s. This event gives exposure to students about various career possibilities in Aerospace fields.For more details vist:


Meet The Team

Midhun Jyothis


Probid J Panikkan


Amal Shaju


Amrutha Khandare


Gerald K Antony


Gouse Khan


Abhith Sasi


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